Why use e-Portfolio? in Why use e-Portfolio?

Why use e-Portfolio?

ePortfolio makes authentic learning visible in four basic ways:


  • Users can assess progress on a task
  • Students can assess their own progress on an assignment, set of learning objectives and/or through a program of study
  • Faculty can evaluate student processes and products related to a specific course, prior learning assessment and/or program learning goals
  • Professionals can assess their training, experience and advancement



  • Users can demonstrate authentic learning
  • Students can exhibit their subject, project, course or program specific learning
  • Faculty can present their research, professional development for the purpose of promotion and tenure applications, or to present course objectives and lesson plans
  • Professionals can display their training, experience and professional development



  • Users can take the time for critical reflection on a process
  • Students can use ePortfolio as a tool for process-oriented and metacognitive reflection
  • Faculty can use ePortfolio as a tool to assess student reflections about their work and to review assignment objectives and outcomes
  • Professionals can use ePortfolio as a tool to reflect upon their actual and future training and advancement



  • Users can develop their presentation skills
  • Students can use ePortfolio to present coursework and learning for entry into other programs of study and/or for employment application purposes
  • Faculty can use ePortfolio to present coursework, research and proposals for grant-writing purposes and peer-review
  • Professionals can use ePortfolio to compile past experience and training and to communicate current/future aspirations and undertakings 

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