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Greetings! I work in the Communication Studies program at Athabasca and have been at the University since 1996. I was hired to invent a Communication program for the University and here I am, lo these many years later, still inventing.

Over the years, the Cmns program has been a trail blazer in the areas of Prior Learning Assessment, collaborative degrees, multi-media components to courses, and now the E-Lab project, which began its life as a proposal for the Cmns program and has since morphed into a university-wide facility.


As an academic, I have been privileged to travel to many places around the world for research, study, and pleasure. One of my favourite places is Scotland, which I like to think of as "Canada with Castles."


Loch Lomond



Another place I go often and could easily live in is Australia. My husband is an Australian citizen and our grand-children are there. This photo was taken at Ayre's Rock, a truly awe-inspiring place.


Ayre's Rock


The Communication Program

Over the years, we have used a variety of media in order to better market the program and introduce students to the field. We now have an introductory video on the website which gives an overview of the field and situates the virtual university in a real place.


Home Page Video


Program Developments

We included a few years ago, a page on Book Towns, which is a quirky part of book history. Generally situated in areas with depressed economies, book towns are places where most of the commercial space has been turned over to antiquarian book sellers. They have brought much needed tourist dollars to the local areas.

A generous grant from Canwest media allowed us to create MediaCan, an online resource for the study of Canadian Media.

We went on to create  the Canadian Film Library. We have digitized 26 rare, or hard to find, Canadian movies along with 15 discussions with filmmaker. This led us to develop a more ambitious website, Canadian Film Online.


Wainwright Course

This Video was made at the training base at Wainwright. It shows how realistic the simulations are and the intense experiences that the students benefit from.


Wainwright Video

Access TV

For many years, we worked closely with Access TV in producing intros and extros to movies as well as creating entire television shows. Movies Worth Watching ran for many years with host Jacques Benoit.