Other Supporting Documentation (new)

Gabrielle Harvey, id#0246810, Reflections on 30 Years of Learning

Gabrielle Harvey Portfolio Table of Contents

Front End Pieces - Gabrielle Harvey (new)

Front End Pieces - Gabrielle Harvey (new)

Identification and Verification of Learning (new)

Identification and Verification of Learning (new)

Letters of Attestation (new)

Letters of Attestation (new)

Other Supporting Documentation (new)

Tab 8: Summary of Strategic Planning Sessions

Tab 9: Staff email re: objectives

Tab 11: Open house team work plan

Tab 12: Communications plan for community policing

Tab 13: Multi‚Äźfamily social marketing presentation

Tab 14: Project A

Tab 15: Section work plan

Tab 16: Project B research results

Tab 17: Project B Strategy

Tab 18: Customer survey results

Tab 19: Performance reviews

Tab 20: Promotional Video - place card only

Tab 21: Resources for teachers - place card only

Tab 22: Film Fest promotions

Tab 23: Proposal for communications support

Tab 24: Excerpt from Magazine - place card only

Tab 25: Sample team

Tab 26: City Clean Up Report

Tab 27: Performance Appraisal, Appendix IV

Tab 28: 20xx Public Education Plan (Media results summary)

Tab 29: Endangered Spacesaudio-visual script

Tab 30: Project C campaign strategy

Tab 31: Project C television commercials - place card only

Tab 32: 100% Recycled radio aimed at 18 - 34 market - place card only

Tab 33: Article on feeds for councillors' newsletters

Tab 34: List of conferences and workshops - place card only

Tab 35: Strategic Plan booklet - place card only

Tab 36: Volunteer dismissal letter

Tab 37: Project D objectives and targets - place card only

Tab 38: NFB letter - place card only

Tab 39: Annual Review - place card only

Tab 40: Directions for research consultant - place card only

Tab 42: Manager interviews - place card only

Tab 43: Focus Group results - place card only

Tab 44: Internal Communications Strategy - place card only

Tab 45: Project E survey - place card only

Tab 46: Project E pilot - place card only