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I amDigital Teaching In Higher Education (book cover) a computer consultant, who also does some part time teaching at tertiary institutions, including the  Australian National University. I live in Canberra (Australia), but spend about one third of my time in Sydney. I blog about technology, travel and lifestyle as the Net Traveler, and course design, teaching and research as the Higher Education Whisperer. I started the MEd program at AU in 2014 and finished in early 2017. My Capstone e-Portfolio for Master of Education in Distance Education is available on-line. Also I have produced a book, based on my studies, with a free web version: "Digital Teaching In Higher Education: Designing E-learning for International Students of Technology, Innovation and the Environment".

Thomas (Tom) Worthington

Tags: e-learning, education, Australia, MEd, MDDE601, MDDE602, MDDE603, MDDE604, MDDE605, MDDE622, MDDE623, MDDE614, MDDE617, MDDE610, MDDE694, elearning

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