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MEd e-portfolio: My Learning Journey

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Yevgen Yasynskyy



My name is Yevgen Yasynskyy and this is my process portfolio that outlines my journey through the Masters of Education (Distance Education) program with Athabasca University. I would like to share with you bits of my previous professional background; my thoughts on my learning goals and how achieving them helped me in my professional life. Also, I would like to present you with five artifacts that I have chosen to support accomplishing MEd program competencies.

My Learning Journey

To understand my passion for Education, I should probably start from the time I was born. On a serious note it does have some merit. When I was born, both of my parents were professors of mathematics/computer science in a traditional university in Ukraine. They fostered my love for education from a very young age, and I was exposed to a university life on a regular basis. I completed high school with honors and before life took me to Canada in 2001, I graduated with a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Baccalaureate Degree in Economics with a specialization in Finance from Chernivtsi National University. I also had some experience in programming for financial institutions. All that and my desperate search for work helped me to land my first professional job in Canada at Athabasca University almost 14 years ago.

This brings me to the long journey of roles' transitions within Athabasca University that has led me to select this program. I started at AU  by helping to build a Student Information System for the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology to help tracking students applications, admissions, and students' progress in the program, practicum, thesis/final project, etc. With the passing years, my roles at AU has gone from software/applications development to business analysis, software design, training, managing technical help desk for the Centre, as well as helping with course production and delivery. I had to grasp many aspects of the University business processes and systems used within. My interest in the concept of distance education grew exponentially and I've made a decision to the start Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Instructional Design (PBCID) in the winter of 2012. It was a logical progression to enhance my skills in this area; to assist me in bringing more expertise and systematize my knowledge about distance education delivery. After the completion of the PBCID (courses Instructional Design, Learning Theories and Program Evaluation courses), I realized that I still have a lot to learn. I laddered to the Masters of Education (Distance Education) program in the winter of 2014 eager to learn more. My main point of interest was and still is: the use of technology in Distance Education. My reasons are I have always held this passion from my previous education, personal, and work experience. This decision was met with great enthusiasm from my Faculty of Health Disciplines (FHD) management and they fully supported my learning goals.

Learning Goals

  1. Learn about effective Instructional design strategies to help build interactive, better quality courses and enhance learning experiences of FHD students.
  2. Structure my existing knowledge of distance education and learn more through the research findings of the scientific community in the area.
  3. Gain knowledge on effective use of technology in distance course delivery and to explore popular tools that support learning.
  4. Explore theory behind Program Development and Program Evaluation, to understand the "bigger picture" of distance education.
  5. Push my boundaries in academic writing using English as a second language.
  6. Experience first-hand online learning from the student's perspective.
  7. Strengthen my resume by completing the MEd program which will add value to my existing experience in this field.

For the purpose of this e-portfolio, I selected artifacts that best represent my learning in the program. They are the work I am most proud of, because they pushed my boundaries in the areas of program competencies. The experiences that accompanied completion of my artifacts were far from perfect but they best describe my growth in problem solving, analysis, research, instructional design and development, educational technologies, management, and leadership skills. These artifacts also illustrate achieving my learning goals and reflect my professional growth.

On the next pages you will find detailed reflection of my learning while completing the artifacts.



"Education will open doors where none seem to exist."

 (Mark Mathabane)

 "Teachers will open the door, but you must enter by yourself."

(Chinese Proverb)

"I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward."

(David Livingstone)

"I am willing to learn. The more I learn, the more I grow."

(Louise Hay)



Core Courses

MDDE601: Introduction in Distance Education (F2014)

MDDE602: Research methods in Distance Education (W2015)

MDDE603: Foundations of Instructional Design (W2012)

MDDE604: Instructional Design in Distance Education (F2012)

MDDE605: Planning and Management in Distance Education (F2015)

MDDE620: Technology in Education and Training (W016)


Elective Courses

MDDE610: Survey of Current Educational Technology (W2014)

MDDE617: Program Evaluation in Distance Education (W2013)

COMP605: Project Management for Information Systems (for MDDE618 - W2010)

MDDE623: Introduction to Mobile Learning (F2015)



MDDE694: Capstone e-Portfolio (W2017)


Artifact 1

MDDE610 course e-portfolio - highlights gain of my knowledge in educational technologies and how I used it during the process of the creation of the course e-portfolio.

Artifact 2

Instructional Design unit (MDDE604) titled 'MOODLE101: Moodle learning activities: ways to optimize learning and course delivery' explores my experience in using instructional design principles and group work experiences, as well as showcasing the end product for use by course authors.

Artifact 3

Program Evaluation Plan (MDDE617) - provides experience on the Program Evaluation planning as well as my own reflection on the Program Evaluation process within my own Centre at that time.

Artifact 4

Business Plan for new Educational Organization (MDDE605), highlights my research of the professional development area for practicing nurses and relates to the actual new initiatives at my work place.

Artifact 5

Edu-Blog "Use of Technology in Education" is my own reflection on the experiences with the different software applications. It is also providing my thoughts on the different critical topics in the same field.


Debra Hoven
19 January 2017, 6:51 PM

Very Nice introduction Yevgen!

A little bit of proof-reading and editing to do for language ...

Also, remember that artifacts that you select to include this portfolio are meant to be not just the ones that you are most proud of, but also some where things went wrong or you did not do so well in - as we also learn from our mistakes and misapprehensions, as well as our good experiences.

I look forward to seeing your 1st artifact.


20 January 2017, 9:41 AM

Hi Yvgen,

I really like your introduction page. I found it very interesting that you had a love of learning from when you were little due to your parents both being professors. I agree with Debra that there is a bit of proof-reading to do, mainly for grammar. I must say though, with English not being your native language (as I learned from your Introduction), it is extremely impressive how much higher education you have completed in Canada. Congratulations! I like the quotes that you have included under Inspirations.


Yevgen Yasynskyy
20 January 2017, 4:08 PM

Thank you for your comments Debra and Lindy, I really appreciate your feedback. I will try to proofread my language, well I already did the first run :) - more to come.

Regarding failed projects or failed experiences: I probably don't have any during my program, however I will be addressing challenges on my Artifact pages because no experiences are ever perfect. I made my selection of artifacts because I am proud of producing them, :) not because they are perfect.

20 January 2017, 7:47 PM

Wow...I was really impressed by the path of your personal journey through the academic programs you've taken. It can be very demanding being the child of "academics" and by the looks of it, you have not disappointed!

Your rationale for the courses and journey through programs is quite similar to mine. I relished getting that PBID - it taught me so much that was so immediately useful as well as reinforcing what I was doing well and why!  

In terms of feedback on your introductory page. It is nicely laid out, quite clean and logical in sequence. Your goals have been framed nicely within the context of the Artefacts that you have chosen to present. I am looking forward to following your portfolio. would have loved WIX!  Haha....but I do understand the wisdom in choosing the path of least resistance, especially in the technology field!



Antonios Iliou
21 January 2017, 4:45 PM


Hi Yevgen,


Great introduction!  What a great life journey.It showed your determination to follow your dreams!!! I like your clearly stated goals and the quotes you have used. Since I am Greek I can totally relate to your goal associated with improving further your academic English. It is not always easy to express yourself properly in a second language. However, your studies in Canada have almost transformed you into a native

 Looking forward to reading the rest of your journey. Thanks for an interesting introduction!



Neil Martindale
21 January 2017, 6:37 PM

Great intro Yevgen!  I like how it flows and is easy to follow.  Great visuals too.


24 January 2017, 6:01 PM

This was a pleasure to read, Yevgen. Your introductory page is well laid out and your writing style is very accessible. 



Sarli Fani
25 January 2017, 3:54 PM

Dear Yevgen, 

This is a great introduction to your portfolio and I really enjoyed your insightful writing. Thank you very much and keep struggling to successfully complete it. Looking forward to your next parts and artfacts.

Kind regards,

Fani Sarli

Nanci Ford Chabot
06 February 2017, 5:55 AM

Great introduction Yevgen, your passion for education is quite evident.

I enjoyed reading both your Intro and artefact.  I also really like the design and setup of your portfolio.


Rita Zuba Prokopetz
13 February 2017, 4:56 PM

Hi Vevgen,

I tried unsuccessfully to post the following comment on your intro page, so I will post it here instead.

Thanks, Vevgen!

P.S. I will keep trying...


Hi Vevgen, 

Great layout, visuals and organization of your “blocks” on this page – well done! Nice use of quotes to aid in your telling of your own story.


Under “Artifacts,” I noticed that you have identified your five artefacts, and their respective courses and semesters; however, you will now need to reflect on "why" you have chosen "these five artefacts as a group (not individually, as this will be part of the following pages).  You may reflect upon “why” they were so relevant and what made them “the ones” when you were thinking about selecting five; then, post a brief paragraph here under “Artifacts” – I will look at the page again after you have had a chance to address (and comment on) some of the changes. 

In your “Learning Goals,” you may do some additional editing to ensure there is consistency throughout: e.g., 5. To push – you may consider removing “To” to be consistent with the remaining goals. 

When time allows, in addition to letting me know the areas you have addressed, you may mention your thoughts on some of the suggestions I have made. 

Thanks, Vevgen!